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Carval's Uniwage Payroll Software has HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) recognition for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

It holds details of Subcontractors and their payments, allowing verification online and submission of their monthly returns online.

CIS Payroll Software

Key features:

  • Run separate CIS payrolls
  • Maintain Subcontractors, Pay Inputs, Processing and Reports.
  • Manage the entire HMRC registration and tax returns process using Carval’s Payroll software
  • Verify subcontractors online immediately with HMRC
  • File monthly returns (CIS300) online (this advises HMRC how much tax you have taken from the subcontractor and is owed to HMRC.)

Standard reports available include:

  • CIS Payslip - Payslip style statement of payment & deduction to give to subcontractor.
  • CIS Payment and Deduction Statement - Formal statement emulating HMRC form.
  • CIS Payment Summary - Monthly and annual summary of payments & deductions to subcontractors over the tax year.

HMRC publishes the list of individual commercial software suppliers and commercial products that can be used to file returns with HMRC online services on its website:

    Download a Carval HR Unity info pack >>