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HR Unity mobile app

The HR Unity app delivers the most popular features of Carval’s Unity Online Employee Self-Service directly to your people’s mobile devices.


The HR Unity app complements Carval’s Unity Online Employee Self-Service module by making some of its most popular features available to your employees when they are out and about. The app, which is designed for both Android and iOS, has handy features for managers and staff too.

Employees can:

  • Request an absence
  • View their absence history
  • Check their holiday, time off in lieu (TOIL) and flexitime balances
  • View the date of their next appraisal
  • View their HR Unity Online inbox
  • View Time and Attendance clockings
  • View upcoming and historical Rosters

Managers can:

In addition to the features listed above managers can:

  • Approve and reject absence requests made by the team
  • View upcoming and historical absences for the team
  • View team member contact details, and contact them (via phone or text) from within the app

Time and Attendance clocking app

time and attendance app - about to clock

time and attendance mobile app - just clockedThe perfect solution to keeping tabs on working times when employees are out and about, Carval's Time and Attendance App enables staff to clock in and out electronically, using their mobile phones. While home or mobile workers can be given permission to clock in from any location, the App also makes use of location data, so that employees can be required to be at an authorised location (ie. office, site, factory) in order to clock in.  However the App is flexible enough to also allow different sub-sets of employees to clock in from different locations.