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Carval HR Unity HRIS - Uniquely integrated Human Resources, Payroll and Time and Attendance software

Carval HR Unity is a completely integrated software solution covering every aspect of Human Resource Management, Payroll Processing and Time Management in one easy to use, flexible and functionality-rich package.

Simply choose the modules that you need and add to them as those needs change. Carval HR Unity can be installed in-house or hosted on the Carval Cloud.

What's included in the Carval HRIS?

Carval HRIS Diagram

The flexibility to suit your changing business 

Make your choice of modules from the Carval HR Unity HRIS and add to them as your needs change:

The benefits of Carval’s unique levels of integration

Entering data in lots of different systems is inefficient (and mind-numbingly boring), creates lots of opportunities for human error, and with information scattered about in different places, trying to put together meaningful reports is a nightmare. If you’re creating a business case for a new HRIS, start calculating the man hours lost each month to writing, entering and reconciling data across all HR and Payroll related processes.

The secret of Carval HR Unity is that, whatever combination of modules you have, everything is recorded on a single SQL database from a single supplier. This means data is only ever entered once – be that by an employee, manager, HR or Payroll – and it is then immediately available throughout the system. Everyone in your organisation is using a single system, so creating reports, sharing information and automating processes is simple and improves policy adherence.

The increased administration efficiency can significantly reduce the operating costs associated with your HR and Payroll departments, and free up people’s time to spend on activities that will benefit the business.

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