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How do I provide payroll data to Carval?

This will depend on the services that you have bought from Carval.

Payroll bureau self-service portal

Carval provides clients with their very own web portal where they can enter new employees, leavers, changes, period variations, sickness and also view employees' payslips and P60s. This also inlcudes an audit trail of users' activities.

Carval payroll bureau self-service

Integrated HR Software

Carval's HR Software includes optional facilities for sharing new employees, leavers, changes, period variations and sickness automatically with our payroll bureau. And once your payroll has been processed we can send pay data back into your HR System, so your employees can view paylsips, P60s and P11ds in self-service if required.

Integrated Payroll Software

Should you opt for Carval's Enhanced Payroll Bureau Service then our bureau team will process payroll remotely using your Carval payroll software.

Other options

Via a standard spreadsheet template uploaded to a secure SFTP location

Standard monthly “default” amounts are picked up each period if no amendments are required.

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