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Carval's HR software architecture

Carval HR Unity is a SQL-based solution that can be installed on your existing Windows infrastructure or hosted on the Carval Cloud. The technical environment provides a solid foundation for extensive functionality, scalability, security and usability:

  • Audit – Carval’s comprehensive and definable audit facilities meet the demanding needs of system administration, monitoring access to the sensitive information held within HR, Payroll and Time and Attendance.
  • Security - Flexible facilities allow control right down to record and field level.  Carval can be devolved to departmental staff with the full confidence that access to sensitive information is easily managed.
  • Business critical computing – Carval HR Unity is a scalable system for enterprise-wide deployment. It provides the functionality and ease of use normally associated with much more expensive systems.
  • Multi-tier client-server – Carval offers flexible deployment support using Microsoft SQL Server relational database management systems. Can be deployed in both a 32bit and 64bit environment.
  • Component interaction – Carval supports all the major models such as ODBC and COM using components with confidence and effectively future proofing Carval from changes in component technology. Carval also integrates with Microsoft Office and popular email facilities.
  • Web-based self-service – Carval provides genuinely scalable and open Employee and Manager Empowerment facilities, delivered using the latest technologies. Extended security model, audit and workflow are integrated into the web-based self-service system.