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Explore the benefits of all-encompassing holiday management

If your business is looking to record all staff holidays in a comprehensive database, our human resources software is ideal.

Avoid sifting through several spreadsheets and recording time off manually thanks to our easy-to-use software, designed to make every facet of your human resource management a breeze.

Our integrated holiday booking and authorisation feature allows holidays to be entered via self-service by HR or employees, with the request sent to line managers to authorise.

Additionally, the software’s calendar shows how many holidays have been taken – and the amount due – with the ability to set up an alert if time off is likely to leave a particular team or department short of staff.

What’s more, you benefit from maintaining a list of ALL statutory holidays, with the functionality to designate specific holiday dates to either all or a combination of Holiday Schemes.

Handily, the system also includes the practicality to calculate Easter holidays for any given year, and add in one-off bank holidays for occasions such as a Royal Wedding, for example.

We also help your business track staff absences

We pride ourselves on offering your business flexible human resources software to get the job done, with the ability to track both holidays AND absenteeism effectively.

Whether you have one hundred employees or many thousands of staff, our system can cope with any number of personnel, locations, departments and cost centres.

When it comes to absenteeism, our HR Software provides you with everything you need to manage, monitor and cut absence in your organisation, and offers you the flexibility to enter infinite different absence types.

It also allows you to define your own parameters for each absence in line with your company policy.

Either an HR administrator can enter nonattendance into the system or, if it’s to be delegated to a line manager, our Online Self-Service module can be used.

By implementing appropriate sickness policies, our software will allow your business to monitor absence rates and alert the relevant department when an employee’s absence level requires:

  • Further documentation
  • Back to work interview
  • Further investigation

Importantly, it also includes the ability to automate the production of self-certification documents and doctor’s certificates, and supports The Statement of Fitness for Work, or 'fit note'.

In addition, our guarantee of regular upgrades ensures your business benefits from both legislative and practical updates.

If you would like to learn more about the software for human resources we offer here at Carval, get in touch with us – we’d be pleased to hear from you.

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