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Changing your payroll provider

Once you have decided you would like to change your payroll provider there are various steps you need to take:

  • Give notice to your current provider (some may require up to 6 months)
  • Obtain your BACS service user number (currently used by your existing provider)
  • Inform your Bank that the Payroll Bureau will be changed and provide details – particularly their Bureau number
  • Set up the BACS payment limit with your bank
  • Make any necessary changes to your Finance Regulations

Carval will provide you with support throughout and a check list to assist you through the process.  Here is a brief outline of what will happen next. (If you are planning to implement our software options too then the plan will be much more complex – this information relates to clients signing up for Carval’s payroll bureau services.)

Project Manager

You will be assigned a Project Manager to oversee your successful on boarding.  Your PM will discuss timescales with you and agree a target go live date before developing a project plan specific to your business. 

Information you will need to provide

Employee information

You will be asked to complete an Excel document that will us provide us with details of all the employees paid in the current Tax Year, their year-to-date earnings and statutory deductions. 

Company information

You will also be required to complete a questionnaire that provides with key information on your company, including:

  • Payment and Deduction Types
  • Pension Schemes
  • Sick Pay Schemes
  • Maternity Pay Schemes
  • Pay Dates
  • Tax Reference
  • How to calculate a day’s pay

Bank Information

You will also be asked to complete a document containing your company bank details so we can pay your employees.

Set-up and Parallel Running

We aim to complete two parallel runs to ensure the payroll has been set up correctly – that is we will be running your payroll at the same time as your existing provider. This means that you will need to provide us with the same information you are sending to your current provider each pay period. (We will review the data and advise if we need it in a different format.) We will require copies of reports/payslips from the current provider to ensure Carval produces the same results.  As part of this process we will produce the standard Carval reports for you to review.

Go Live

Once the parallel runs have been completed you will be ready to go live. We will create a deadline calendar specifically for you that takes into account both your pay date/dates and the combination of services that you have purchased.

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