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Clocking-in Machines and Time and Attendance Management

Carval has all the workforce management tools you need to plan, record and capture employee working times.

Our solutions include the latest clocking-in machines and technologies supported by a range of flexible time management software solutions including:

Carval supports a range of cutting-edge data capture methods, in line with your budget and business needs, including:

  • Biometric clocking-in machines such as hand readers, fingerprint readers and vein technology
  • Swipe cards
  • Proximity fobs and cards
  • Web browser
  • Online timesheets
  • Mobile clocking apps

Carval’s clocking systems are equipped to track and record working times for an unlimited number of employees across an unlimited number of companies. If your company operates complex shift patterns or is one of the increasing number of organisations to offer the benefit of flexible working, then Unitend is the perfect time and attendance solution for you.

Integration options

Carval's Unitend Time and Attendance Software can be used alone, with our clocking in machines and solutions and/or without Employee Self-Service. It can also be seamlessly integrated with:

  • Carval's Payroll Software (Uniwage)
  • Carval's HR Software (Unistaff)
  • Sage Payroll
  • Access control solutions to improve site security
  • Microsoft® Office 
  • Unitend can also import and export data using CSV and Excel files.

Time & Attendance Software Case Study