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HMRC Payroll Software from Carval

Carval Payroll Software Screenshots

Carval‘s payroll software is an incredibly flexible multi-company solution with the reassurance of HMRC Enhanced Recognition.

It enables you to process your payroll your way with a payslip designer, quick view payslips and amazing input flexibility. It includes everything you need to process the most complex payrolls in line with ever-changing legislation, efficiently and accurately. Carval also offers outsourced payroll services.

The benefits to your business

  • Ensure compliance with the latest legislation including RTI and auto-enrolment
  • Improve data accuracy and policy adherence  
  • Simplify and automate accurate statutory payments
  • Reduce the payroll paper trail with the use of e-payslips, P60s and P11ds
  • Provide instant access to accurate data as you need it and
  • Drastically reduce the administrative burden on your HR and Payroll departments by devolving responsibility for key tasks to employees and managers.

What makes Carval’s Payroll Software so flexible?

Hundreds of organisations across different sectors use Carval Uniwage for processing their payroll, because it has the flexibility to handle the different ways in which they work. We use Uniwage in our own payroll bureau where we process payroll for companies ranging from fewer than five employees to those with 10,000.

Uniwage’s flexibility lies in:

  • Its ability to handle multiple databases (for separate companies, or for test and training environments)
  • Its ability to handle a large number of pay groups (up to 9,999 per company). This allows you to set up different groups for weekly, fortnightly, and monthly paid employees
  • The way in which inputs are user-definable: Input to payroll can be either via the Simple Input Program with up to 20 user-defined input fields, via a more flexible input screen with up to 9,999 possible inputs or imported from an external CSV file
  • User-definable outputs such as payslips, cheques, etc. can be designed to suit your own requirements
  • A full range of reports is available, including an audit trail.

Carval Uniwage Payroll software features:


At-a-glance information on the status of each pay group, RTI and alerts from HMRC and Carval.

Government Gateway

Automatically files returns to HMRC, updates rates and values and downloads notifications.


Up to 9,999 companies with different departments, locations, cost-centres, holiday and absence schemes, SCP, pay grades, currencies, working patterns and much more.



Multiple employees per post and multiple posts per employee, with split costing and aggregation of earnings.


Pay group details

Maintain comprehensive details, define rules and calculation formulae for up to 9,999 different pay groups


Flexible input options

Input up to 9,999 build-to-gross elements, enter hours or values and allocate them to different cost centres. Import data from files and T&A systems.

Flexible output options

Payslips, cheques, etc. can be designed to your requirements. A full range of reports is available from the   system, including an audit trail.

Quick calculations

Execute a quick calculation of an  employee’s gross-to-net pay and even see their full payslip.

Holiday and absence

Statutory plus numerous company schemes. Supports part-time employees, those in multiple posts and zero hours workers.

Expenses and benefits

Integrated P11D module. Multiple salary sacrifice schemes. Gross pay scheme for pension contributions.Interfaces with flexible benefits providers.


Multiple pension schemes including Occupational Final Salary, Stakeholder, Personal and Group Personal schemes and LGPS. Link to PenServer.


Automates the monitoring of eligibility, postponement, opting out and 3 year reminders in line with legislation.

Expense and mileage claims

Process expense and mileage claims through direct entry or automatically via self-service.

Payment options

Uniwage supports multiple currency payment by BACS, Autopay, credit transfer, cheque and cash.

Powerful reporting

Huge suite of standard reports, drag and drop query tool plus custom report writing wizard. Flexible audit trail

Integration options

Carval’s HR Software,Time & Attendance Software and Self-Service. 3rd party finance systems, flexible benefits solutions and T&A systems.

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