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HR and Payroll Software for Hospitality and Leisure

Managing workforces in the hospitality and leisure sector offers some unique challenges; Carval's integrated HR, Payroll and Time Management software provides the tools you need to meet them.

The solution supports unlimited companies, locations, departments and cost-centres, features hugely flexible reporting tools and includes workflow and process automation throughout.

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HR Software

“The whole recruitment process is handled automatically from receiving the application form to completing the HR records. I really like that - it saves a lot of time.” (Read more >>)

  • Built in recruitment module to help you identify applicants with the right skills and eligibility to work in the UK
  • Absence management tools and analytics to help you manage holidays and dramatically reduce unauthorised absences
  • Training, development and performance management tools to support you in retaining and developing your best employees, whilst reducing the costs associated with high staff turnover
  • Easily manage multi-skilled people doing multiple jobs with different hours and managers

Payroll and Pensions Software

“Carval has been a hugely beneficial system – our staff know that they are going to be paid the right amount. It enables the business to be more efficient with a robust and accurate system.” (Read more >>)

  • The reassurance of HMRC PAYE Enhanced Recognition
  • Stay current with ever-changing legislation including RTI, auto-enrolment and the Apprenticeship Levy
  • Ensure statutory, WTD and minimum wage compliance
  • Automatically adjust pay to reflect holiday allowance adherence and unauthorised absences
  • Flexible payroll for multiple employments, varying pay rates, cross-charging and staff turnover
  • Supports shift workers, variable hours, temporary staff, zero hours, additional payments and more

“We have such a diverse requirement of cross department allocation there was very little choice of products that offered the flexibility coupled with ease of use that Uniwage does.” (Read more >>)

Time Management Software for Hospitality

“Our business is very seasonal and to cope with demand we have annualised hours contracts for permanent staff and pay seasonal staff based on an hourly rate. Carval’s HR Unity enables us to manage this complex requirement of a highly diverse workforce smoothly.  We are able to meet seasonal demands efficiently while ensuring that our staff are looked after year round.” (Read more >>)

  • A suite of workforce management tools to help you plan, record and analyse working times across your business
  • Fully integrated with Carval’s payroll software or simple output available for sending to your payroll provider
  • Plan working schedules for multiple companies, sites, departments, cost centres, locations and teams
  • Set-up rules for the minimum and maximum times an employee can work, along with specifying rest days
  • Manage hours in line with working Time Directive requirements
  • Set up unlimited roles or jobs and define the skills required to do them
  • Plan shifts and rotas or automatically roster employees according to the skills that they have and their availability
  • Notify employees of their shifts via self-service or email
  • SMS feature to advise employees of any additional shifts available and for them to automatically accept them, which in turn updates the roster
  • Huge range of clocking options available including finger and hand scanners, facial recognition, proximity fobs and mobile apps
  • Optional access control for improved security

Download a Carval HR Unity info pack >>