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Carval Unistaff HR Software

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HR software from Carval

Carval’s Unistaff HR Software is designed to simplify and unify every aspect of Human Resource Management  - whether you have 100 or 5,000 employees.

Unistaff is a complete HRIS that combines ease-of-use and an attractive user interface with rich functionality, inherent flexibility and powerful tools to standardise and automate processes. Its use will help increase administration efficiencies, reduce operating costs and provide immediate access to accurate information for strategic analysis. Unistaff can be used alone or integrated with Payroll software or Time Management modules from the Carval HR Unity software range.

Carval has a refreshingly simple approach to HR Software: if something is a standard Human Resources function then we think it should be standard in our HR system too. Therefore, you don’t pay extra for things like recruitment, absence management or training and development. Use workflow tools and Unity Online Manager and Employee Self-Service to automate processes and make sure things happen when they’re supposed to.

Totally flexible - The beauty of Carval’s Unistaff HR Software is its flexibility. Our establishment or “post-based” system can accommodate unlimited companies, employees, locations, departments and cost centres. Unistaff can be customised so it’s in line with your employment policies on every issue, and you can create custom screens and fields according to your needs.

Totally future proof - Whatever the future holds for your organisation in terms of growth, acquisitions and contractual changes, the software has the flexibility to cope with it. What’s more, Carval’s commitment to continuous development and regular upgrades ensures you will continue to benefit from both legislative and functional updates.

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Unistaff HR software features

Multi-company system

Supports unlimited companies, locations, departments and cost-centres.


Holds detailed post information and supports multiple employees per post and multiple posts per employee.


Unistaff includes a huge suite of customisable standard reports and charts with flexible parameter setting, a custom report writer, quick enquiry wizard and a report scheduler.

Workflow and process automation

Make sure things within your company happen exactly when they should by automatically triggering processes. These include a handy wizard to react to any date related activity by triggering emails and alerts, built-in request and authorisation workflows and custom workflow module.

Dashboard interface

See your chosen key performance indicators displayed as charts plus tasks that need your attention.

User defined screens

Create custom screens and fields according to your needs. These can be included in custom reports and made available via Self-Service but will not be affected by future upgrades.

Company details

See where each employee fits within your organisation structure with a built-in organisation chart record contractual information, work schedules, payroll and pensions, key dates and more.

Multi-level security

Define exactly which data that users can access or read.

Employee details

Record and report on personal details, pictures, documents, skills and qualifications, absence and lateness, performance, benefits, employment checks, accidents, driver information, WTD and more.

Employee history

Record and report on every aspect of an employee’s history with your company including career, education, medical details, flexible working, references, maternity/paternity and previous employments.

Documents and photos

Create mail merge communications to employee/s or applicant/s and automatically record them. Store documents and photos relating to applicants, employees, posts, vacancies, training courses etc.

Training and development

Unistaff HR Software includes a comprehensive Training and Development Module at no additional cost. This includes everything you need to identify your employees’ training needs, deal with training requests from your staff and includes practical tools to help manage the administration of training courses and training budgets. Once courses have been completed, our HR Software will record the new skills obtained. Meanwhile, when the validity of a qualification (e.g. First Aid) is about to run out, the system will issue timely alerts.

Absence and lateness


Unistaff HR Software features a host of tools to help you manage and control every type of absence including holidays, sickness and TOIL, with Bradford scoring built-in. Absence and lateness can be entered by an HR Administrator or where Carval’s Unity Online Self-Service module is used the responsibility can be delegated to Line Managers if desired.  You can see at-a-glance the absence stage an employee has reached and set triggered alerts too. All absences can be viewed on handy map.

Performance review

Carval’s dedicated performance review module ensures appraisals are carried out objectively and on time through reminders, detailed analysis and process management. Supports rating, competencies and objectives. Fully integrated with employee self-service and the in-built training and development module.

Qualifications and skills


Record qualifications, languages and skills. Set up a list of criteria by which performance is to be measured within the company, record whether a person possesses a skill and attach a grade. Identify skills gaps and create training plans.

Company benefits


See at-a-glance all the benefits that an employee has and add new ones. Select contribution levels and record P11d data all in one screen. Employees can also view a total reward statement via self-service, where used. Carval can also interface with a number of leading flexible benefits providers. 



Unistaff includes a dedicated recruitment software module at no additional cost. Our HR Software allows you to import candidate details, establish shortlists, note interview details, record assessment results and manage all communications. Successful candidates can be transferred to the main database with one click. Employees can apply for vacancies using Carval’s Unity Online Self Service module and we also offer an optional e-Recruitment module.

Employee performance

Everything you need to manage grievance, disciplinary, capability and conduct procedures.

Health and safety


Detailed accident reports can be recorded and linked to employee absence records with Unistaff, along with details of any resulting liability claims. Record any health checks that are required and ensure they stay current. Thorough risk assessments can be carried out via Employee Self-Service.

The benefits to your business of integrated HR software

  • Joined-up approach and a single source of real-time accurate data;
  • Transform your business processes;
  • Deliver outstanding efficiencies;
  • Improve policy adherence and
  • Give you the tools, time and information required for confident decision making.
  • Read more about the advantages of integrated HR systems.

Integration and interface options include

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