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Integrated HR Software from Carval

Carval’s Unistaff HR Software is designed to simplify and unify every aspect of Human Resource Management  - whether you have 75 or 5,000 employees.

This complete HRMS combines ease-of-use and an attractive user interface with rich functionality, inherent flexibility and powerful tools to standardise and automate processes. Its use will help increase administration efficiencies, reduce operating costs and provide immediate access to accurate information for strategic analysis. Unistaff can be used alone or integrated with Payroll or Time Management modules from the Carval HR Unity software range

Everything you need for efficient and effective Human Resources

Carval has a refreshingly simple approach to HR Software: if something is a standard Human Resources function then we think it should be standard in our HR system too. Therefore, you don’t pay extra for things like recruitment, absence management or training and development. Use workflow tools and Unity Online Manager and Employee Self-Service to automate processes and make sure things happen when they’re supposed to.

Carval Unistaff HR software features:

Multi-level security

Define exactly which data that users can access or read.


Supports unlimited companies, locations, departments and cost-centres.


Holds detailed post information. Multiple employees per post and multiple posts per employee supported.

Custom screens

Create custom screens and rename existing fields.

Employee details

Personal details, contractual details and employment history with easy reporting.


Mail merge, document & picture links for every employee. Integration with Microsoft® Office

Equal opportunities

Holds comprehensive equal opportunities data with in-depth analysis tools.

Skills and qualifications

Define, monitor and record skills, CPD, competencies and qualifications.


Holiday and absence

Calculate in days, hours, minutes. Define your parameters and monitor with great reporting.

Salary and benefits

Record salary details and company benefits. Optional P11D module available.

Powerful reporting

Huge suite of standard reports, drag and drop query tool plus custom report writing wizard and scheduler.


An Event Diary Manager for triggers and alerts plus a full custom workflow module. Automate processes and improve policy adherence.


Recruitment management included as standard with e-recruitment options.

Training and development

Identify training needs, create training plans and manage their fulfilment. Manage administration of courses and budgets.


Supports both ratings and objectives based marking schemes with self-service integration.

Disciplinary and grievance

Tools to ensure you implement your
policies and monitor adherence. Capability and conduct functionality included.

Health and safety

Accident reporting, liability claims and risk assessments.


Create custom questionnaires and surveys.

Succession planning

Consider employees for future roles, perform skills gap analyses and create training plans.

Smart leaver processes

Calculate what’s owed to whom and manage exit interviews. Automatically create a vacancy. Ability to reinstate leavers.

Integration options

Carval's payroll software, time and attendance software and employee self-service. Third party e-recruitment, e-learning, SIMS and Sage payroll.The benefits to your business

  • Joined-up approach and a single source of real-time accurate data;
  • Transform your business processes;
  • Deliver outstanding efficiencies;
  • Improve policy adherence and
  • Give you the tools, time and information required for confident decision making.

Totally flexible

The beauty of Carval’s Unistaff HR Software is its flexibility. Our establishment or “post-based” system can accommodate unlimited companies, employees, locations, departments and cost centres. Unistaff can be customised so it’s in line with your employment policies on every issue, and you can create custom screens and fields according to your needs.

Totally future proof

Whatever the future holds for your organisation in terms of growth, acquisitions and contractual changes, the software has the flexibility to cope with it. What’s more, Carval’s commitment to continuous development and regular upgrades ensures you will continue to benefit from both legislative and functional updates.

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