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Carval HR Software - Event Diary Manager

The Event Diary Manager in Unistaff HR software is an easy-to-use tool which will remind you, managers or employees of key dates to help ensure things like probation reviews and appraisals don't get missed. It is part of the core product, which also includes a comprehensive workflow module.

What is it?

The Event Diary Manager is a utility that covers ALL date fields held within Carval's Unistaff HR software.  It enables the user to configure the software to respond to specified dates, e.g. next appraisal date, end of probation date, disciplinary follow-up date, by sending emails to specified key personnel and also by making entries into the user’s Carval Diary and the user’s Outlook Calendar and Task List.

Key features:

  • Will search ANY date related field within Unistaff, including Recruitment Applicant fields
  • Each user can have different searches
  • Can be run daily, weekly, monthly or on a specified date
  • Will search dates in the future and past
  • Company specific
  • Emails can be sent to HR, Managers and Employees
  • Add attachments
  • Trigger workflows
  • Integrates with Outlook
  • When a User leaves the events can be transferred to another user

Where is it?

The Event Diary Manager sits under the Utilities menu in your Unistaff HR software.

Carval event diary manager - where is it

What does it look like?

The Event Diary Manager features a handy wizard to help you choose the date fields that you need and exactly what should happen and when.

Carval event diary manager - what it looks like

Already using Carval Unistaff HR Software?

If you would like further assistance in getting the most from Carval's automation tools, which include the Event Diary Manager and Workflow Module then please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to help.