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Carval BACS Approved BureauOutsourced payroll bureau services - with unbelievable prices

Whether you are a small business or have many hundreds of employees, paying your people accurately, on time and in line with ever-changing legislation can be an onerous task. Carval can help lighten the load with a flexible range of payroll services and solutions - leaving your time free to concentrate on core business activities. 

We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices. Developing our own payroll software means we don't have the overheads that other bureaux and accountants have - and we pass this saving directly on to our clients.

Our friendly, professional, CIPP qualified team is based in Newport Pagnell near Milton Keynes in the UK. You are welcome to meet with us and discuss your requirements in person. Simply call us on 01908 787662 or email

To complement our payroll solutions, we also offer the very latest in integrated HR software and Time and Attendance systems to seamlessly manage employee data throughout your organisation. Our flexible solutions supply everything you need to ensure you can outsource where it makes commercial sense and keep control of in-house processes that suit your business needs.

Carval can also print, seal and distribute payslips for non-bureau clients and process BACS through our BACS Approved Bureau Service.

Outsource payroll or process in-house?

Outsourcing your payroll to Carval's payroll bureau puts a dedicated team of experts at your fingertips, without the expense associated with staffing and processing your payroll in-house.

However there are also benefits to having access to your own payroll software on a day-to-day basis too, such as easy data entry and reporting, whether you choose to ultimately process your payroll yourself or outsource this aspect to our team.

Our handy comparison chart will help you decide which option will best meet your needs.

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Carval's outsourced payroll services

Carval's pick and mix range of payroll software and services offer you the flexibility to find a solution that's just right for your business. So whether you want to outsource your payroll entirely, or just the final payslip production, then Carval can help. Choose from:

Standard Bureau Service

Carval takes complete control of your payroll, from calculation of the payroll to distribution of the payslips. All you need to do is supply us with the information using our simple templates, or dedicated screens in our HR software and we will do the rest.

Enhanced Bureau Service

This option enables you to benefit from the additional flexibility that having in-house access to payroll software offers you, but has us take care of the actual processing, including RTI and payslip production. You can have your payroll software installed in-house or on the Carval Cloud and we can help you decide which is right for you.

Fully Managed Payroll Service

With this option Carval becomes your payroll department. Not only do we manage every aspect of the payroll process but we will also liaise with HMRC for you and provide your employees with a helpline for any queries that they may have.

Bureau with integrated HR

Any of Carval's payroll service options can interface securely with our HR software so that you can benefit from an integrated HR and Payroll solution and your employees can benefit from self-service access to payslips, P60s and P11Ds.

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