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Carval’s HR and Payroll software solutions for the private sector

Carval HR Unity is used by a variety of businesses across the UK ranging from those with 50 to those with 10,000 employees. Unique levels of integration across Human Resources, Payroll and Time and Attendance management, inherent flexibility, and the ability to handle complex infrastructures, makes it an ideal solution for virtually any business environment.

Although Carval HR Unity is suitable for any medium-sized or enterprise-level business, there are some sectors where our solutions are particularly popular, and for which we have developed specialist functionality. These include the retail, manufacturing and legal and finacial sectors.

A few of Carval's private sector clients:

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Retail clients and solutions

Carval’s retail clients include Harvey Nichols, Americana International (Bench), Thomas Sabo, Appleby Westward (Spar), Day Lewis Pharmacy, Lowdham Leisure World and many more.

Specialist features include:

  • Manage recruitment, starter and leaver processes at branch level
  • Manage holidays, sickness and other absences.
  • Deployment Planner to assist managers with forecasting staff requirements and costs.
  • Web-based timesheets with payroll integration and exception management for accurate and simple payroll processing
  • Time management via EPOS terminals
  • Real-time site of worked hours and costs at branch, regional and head office level.

Manufacturing clients and solutions

Carval’s manufacturing clients include Barrett Steel, Courtaulds, Liebherr, R-TEK, FC Brown (Bisley), Belfield Furnishings, Harrod UK and many more.

Specialist features include:

  • Hugely flexible workforce scheduling supporting rostering and virtually unlimited patterns of shifts and rotas.
  • Support for demand scheduling and zero-hours contracts.
  • Seamless integration between Time and Attendance and Payroll meaning an end to manual reconciliation of timesheet data.
  • Monitors workplace pensions eligibility and automates the auto-enrolment process for every employee.
  • In-built Health and Safety module including risk assessments
  • In-built Training module
  • Working Time Directive monitoring
  • Optional access control for site security.

Legal and financial clients and solutions

Carval’s clients in the legal and financial sectors include Just Retirement, Institute of Legal Executives, Colemans CTTS Solicitors, Helphire Group and many more.

Specialist solutions include:

  • Timesheets for cost and project management – ideal for the professional services environment
  • Management, recording and monitoring of Continuous Professional Development

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