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Recruitment software solutions from Carval

recruitment software from carval

Carval’s Unistaff HR Software includes a dedicated recruitment software module at no additional cost. Total integration with Unistaff ensures the management of candidate to employee to leaver to vacancy is seamlessly efficient, with intelligent joined-up processes and budget management.

Carval’s recruitment software allows you to import or manually enter candidate details, establish shortlists, note interview details, record assessment results, DBS checks and references and manage all communications. Anyone involved in the recruitment process for a particular role can view the candidate data along with supporting documents such as CVs and manage the shortlist online using Carval’s Manager and Employee Self-Service.

Successful candidates can be transferred from the recruitment software module to the main database with one click. Then when an employee leaves, Carval’s Unistaff HR Software offers the option of automatically creating a vacancy using the job description, skills and competencies relevant to the post.

Online applications and e-recruitment

Existing employees can view vacancies and apply online via Carval’s Employee Self-Service solution. If you would like external applicants to apply for jobs via your website then Carval can offer an optional e-Recruitment module. This enables you to define the application questions for each vacancy and candidates to enter, save and submit their applications and any associated documents online.

Reporting and analytics

Carval’s recruitment software includes a suite of standard reports to support the recruitment process and analyse the effectiveness of your strategies and advertising. These can be saved and edited, exported in many common file formats, printed, displayed and emailed according to your requirements. You can also create additional recruitment reports using Carval’s Custom Report Builder.

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