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Workforce scheduling made easy with Rostering Software from Carval 

Carval Rostering Software

Carval’s Rostering software is an optional module available for use with our Unitend Time and Attendance Software. It provides all the required services to help roster employees on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.

Carval’s optional Roster module provides all the required services to help with rostering employees on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis.

  • It will allocate the most appropriate employees based on skills and availability.
  • If there are any shifts that cannot be filled due to holidays or sickness, then it will suggest appropriate employees for the user to select manually.
  • Once a roster has been created, the user can transfer the employees hours into the Time & Attendance module (Unitend) and from there, transfer them across to Carval’s payroll software (Uniwage).

Functionality includes: 

  • Use the system to plan working schedules for multiple companies, sites, departments, cost centres, locations and teams
  • Set-up rules for the minimum and maximum times an employee can work, along with specifying rest days
  • Manage hours in line with working Time Directive requirements
  • Set up unlimited roles or jobs and define the skills required to do them
  • Set-up daily work groups to cover all your business needs and build these into weekly schedules
  • Automatically roster employees according to the skills that they have and their availability
  • Pick the right people for your team every time with detailed rules and constraints
  • Notify employees of their shifts via self-service or email
  • Employees can notify you of their availability via self-service
  • SMS feature to advise employees of any additional shifts available and for them to automatically accept them, which in turn updates the roster