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Time and Attendance Software - Carval Unitend 

time and attendance software from Carval

Carval offers a range of time management solutions to help you keep track of your employees – wherever they are working. So whether you need to manage complex shift patterns, flexible working, plan resources or control access to your premises, we have the technology to help.

Which of Carval’s Time and Workforce Management solutions is right for you?

If your company operates shifts, has non-salaried employees working varying hours or is one of the increasing number of organisations to offer the benefit of flexible working practices, then Carval’s Unitend Time and Attendance Software will make planning and keeping track of employees’ hours, and ultimately paying them, much simpler.

If, however, you simply want employees to keep a tally of the hours they have worked, and perhaps what they have been doing with that time, rather than needing to plan and apply lots of rules, then you will probably only need Carval’s timesheet software (available as an option with our HR, Payroll or Time and Attendance modules).

The benefits to your business

  • Drastically reduce absence and lateness
  • Give supervisors the tools and real-time information required for decisive management
  • Provide accurate payroll and billing data for both employees and agency workers
  • Support the introduction of workforce efficiency programs such as demand scheduling
  • Reduce legislation non-compliance risks and eliminate data entry effort and inaccuracies with in-built integration to HR and Payroll.

Carval Unitend Time and Attendance software features

Carval’s Unitend Time and Attendance software enables the tracking and holding of information around shift patterns, hours worked, absences, etc. for thousands of employees across multiple companies.

  • Set up and maintain simple and complex weekly shift patterns
  • Create an annual rota using 52 shift patterns if necessary
  • Maintain, enquire and report on various attendance issues
  • Set up and maintain holiday schemes
  • Record absences and lateness
  • Maintenance of employee records by supervisor
  • Accurately calculate hours of work and absences for payroll
  • Transfer details directly to Carval’s payroll software or Sage payroll
  • Reporting facility on infringements to rules
  • Monitor in advance any planned absences by department or teams
  • Optional Roster module
  • Optional access control.

Capturing the hours your employees work or clocking-in

There are many ways to record the hours and where your employees are working. Carval supports a range of cutting-edge technologies and clocking-in machines. We can help you decide which methods would work best for different areas of your business. Popular choices include:

  • Biometric readers
  • Proximity fobs and cards
  • Browser
  • Smart phone apps
  • Mobile phones
  • Via EPOS (subject to specification)

Unitend can be used alone or with other modules from the Carval HR Unity software range (Manager and Employee Self-Service, Payroll Software or HR Software). It also integrates with Sage Payroll.

Want to know more? Download an info pack on Carval's HR Unity software here >>