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Timesheet Software from Carval

timesheet software from Carval

Our timesheet software allows you to record attendance, absence, Time-off-in-Lieu (TOIL) and holidays and also to track the hours of employees across multiple projects and activities, making it suitable for a range of business environments. It can be used to simplify cost and project management for payroll and billing purposes.

Carval’s Timesheet module is designed for use with one or more of the three core modules from the Carval HR Unity software range (HR Software, Payroll Software or Time and Attendance Software) and is deliverable online via our Unity Online Self-Service module.

Keep track of clients, employees, projects and activities

Carval’s easy to use timesheets will enable you to keep track of employee working hours across multiple companies along with the projects and activities being worked on, for budgeting, billing and payroll. A handy calendar view allows the user to easily view weekly and monthly totals for particular projects, and show overall work patterns for all projects. Where Carval’s Unity Online Employee Self Service software is used, employees can complete their own online timesheets and benefit from automatic clock on / off and a handy project timer.

Produce accurate payroll data

When all the timesheets have been completed and checked, the data can be transferred to Carval’s Uniwage Payroll Software, with each activity being attributed to the correct employee and cost centre. Data can also be exported to a CSV file or Microsoft Excel for simple import into other systems.

Workforce and absence management

The functionality Carval’s timesheet software goes beyond time management. It can also be used to record holiday, time off in lieu and other absences, automatically generating employee absence records in the main Carval HR Unity system.

Automatic calculation of invoices and reports

Carval’s time sheet software comes with a suite of editable reports as standard and users can also use the Custom Reports Wizard that is part of the core Carval HR Unity software to build their own reports.

Carval offers a range of flexible solutions to simplify workforce management across your business. You might also like to explore our Unitend Time and Attendance Software and our Rostering Software.