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Recruitment Module Workshop

Recruitment Module training has a duration of 1 day and aims to meet the following objectives:

  • set up and maintain a list of vacancies, including aligning those vacancies to posts already defined in the main Carval HR system, and keeping track of key dates and costs associated with each vacancy.
  • enter information about each of the applicants applying for specific vacancies.
  • building a shortlist of candidates and using the Carval mail merge facility to produce letters for those unsuccessful.
  • schedule a series of interviews for shortlisted candidates and track their status through the process.
  • make job offer to successful candidate (using mail merge) and automatically create a new employee record.

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Further information: 

Times: 09.30 - 16.00


The training follows the workflow aspect of the recruitment module, as suggested by the list of objectives above, and each topic covered is coupled with a tutor demonstration and then followed by a practical exercise.


A close look at how to set up vacancies across all 5 vacancy screens and keep track of dates and costs.


Recording applicant data including current and previous employment, any scanned documents or pictures, and references.


Identifying shortlisted candidates and using the mail merge facility to notify the unsuccessful candidates.


The iterative process of scheduling interviews for our shortlisted candidates, including identifying the interviewers, using the mail merge facility to notify them of the dates and times of interviews that have been arranged, and updating their current status within the process.

Job Offer

Having selected the successful candidate(s), a look at how to complete the process by making the job offer and following up on references.  If the offer is accepted, the system can be used to automatically transfer most of the candidate’s details and create an employee record within the ‘live’ Carval HR system.


A look at the standard reports that are available within the Recruitment Module.

Candidates will also receive a Recruitment Module workbook which can be used as a reference when they return to their place of work and start to use the module within the ‘live’ Carval HR system.

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