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Report Builder Workshop

Report Builder training has a duration of 1 day and aims to meet the following objectives:

  • create new user reports within Carval
  • edit, delete, and import Carval user reports
  • design the ‘look’ of your user report
  • determine the data you want to display in your user report
  • build user reports using more than one table (table linking)

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Further information:

Times: 09.30 to 16.00

The course is broken down into the following 9 areas :

Getting Started – permissions to use the Report Wizard, setting the Central Report Writer path, running the Wizard, the two stages of report writing, tables and fields.

Query Stage – deciding on and selecting the data you want in your report (tables and fields).

Report Stage – the basics on how you want to display that data in your report, running your report from within Carval.

Report Design (1) – report bands, adding and editing labels, using the toolbars.

Report Design (2) – adding fields to query and then to report, sorting your data.

Data Selection – introduction to adding search criteria into your data selection, using operators, e.g. ‘=’, ‘>’, ‘<’, ‘<>’, etc.

Report Design (3) – grouping your data, adding group sub-totals and report totals.

Report Design (4) - copying reports, producing Summary reports, working with variables, adding a logo, getting a manager’s name on a report.

Table Linking – building reports that use more than one table.

Scheduling Reports – how to set up the Report Scheduler

During the training attendees will build a series of reports in line with the training followed by a consolidation exercise at the end of the day.

Candidates will also receive a Report Builder workbook (on a data stick) which can be used as a reference when they return to their place of work and start working with their own data.

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