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Unitend Supervisor Course

Unitend supervisor training has a duration of around 1 hour and aims to provide supervisors with a sound understanding of their responsibilities in the operation of the system.

The session is broken down into the following areas: 

System Basics – navigating through some Unitend screens and finding employee records.

Employee Data – this session is broken down into 3 parts :

  • basic employee information, i.e. name & address, DOB, Department, Supervisor, etc.
  • the time & attendance details for employees, e.g. their normal weekly hours, overtime rules, current rota and rota position, etc.
  • absence summary information on employees.

T&A Input – detailed instruction on the clocking screen, checking clockings, manually entering clockings, making temporary shift changes, viewing historic clocking data, entering absence records, etc.

Supervisor Enquiry – a guide through the Supervisor Enquiry report which will enable supervisors to check clockings for their employees on a daily basis.


Customers must decide if their supervisors are carrying out these duties through the Carval Unitend (windows) application or through the Carval Self Service system.

Candidates will also receive a Unitend supervisor handout which can be used as a reference when they return to their place of work and start to use the ‘live’ system.

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