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Book your HR Unity v5.4 upgrade today

Let Carval upgrade you to HR Unity v5.4 for the latest payroll legislative changes and self-service features

We will shortly be launching Carval HR Unity v5.4, which is the mandatory spring upgrade for our Uniwage payroll software users. It includes:

  • Everything you will need to successfully close this tax year and start the next.
  • Our all new self-service module with a new dashboard facility, easier navigation and a whole host of tweaks and modifications that streamline usability and enhance productivity.  The solution also offers optional smartphone apps on both iOS and Android.

Clients will receive their v5.4 upgrades via the post for self-installation. However for just £499 +VAT Carval can perform this upgrade for you and ensure everything goes smoothly with this big release. Availability is limited so please arrange your upgrade at your earliest opportunity.

Book your upgrade now >>

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