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Bostik UK Ltd selects Carval’s HR software to manage employee records, hours and benefits

Automating HR processes and introducing online employee self-service saves HR team administration time, puts staff in control and sees impressive Return on Investment

Bostik LogoCarval Computing has announced that Bostik UK Ltd has invested in its HR software to manage administration for 415 staff across its three sites in Stafford, Leicester and Dalton. Bostik UK Ltd is using HR Unity to manage all employee data, including benefits, training and holiday entitlement for all of its staff, with plans to integrate absence management. The adhesive specialist company is currently rolling out Carval’s HR Unity online employee self-service feature, helping to meet its environmental targets to reduce paper use and benefitting employees by providing them with full control of their personal data. Since first implementing Carval’s software, Bostik UK Ltd has seen  efficiency benefits from time saved in HR reporting and management, and expects a return on investment within three years. Download the full Bostik HR Software case study here >>

Bostik UK Ltd selected HR Unity for its single, central HR database and comprehensive yet easy to use reporting functionality, which its previous system was unable to match. Following the implementation of the employee self-service feature, the company plans to deploy Carval’s integrated Time and Attendance solution.  

“We realised that we needed to invest in a new system – our existing HR software was not up to the job and we wanted to introduce more automation in our HR processes and improve management and reporting,” explained Manny Richter, HR Director at Bostik UK Ltd 

“Carval’s HR software has delivered us immediate efficiency benefits and cost savings. Our long term vision is to harness the power of the system by introducing additional features resulting in a more automated and streamlined HR system to fully manage the details of an employee’s lifecycle, from recruitment to performance, training and compensation.” 

Bostik UK Ltd is using HR Unity to record all employee details and HR data in the single database – from when an employee joins the company to their address, qualifications, next of kin, bank details, company benefits, pension and vehicle details. The company has also been able to tailor the data entry screen to include its unique employee reference numbers. Bostik UK Ltd is implementing Carval’s Unity Self Service HR module to engage with employees and reduce the administrative burden on the HR team, providing employees and managers with instant and secure access to personal information 24 hours a day. 

Bostik UK Ltd plans to introduce Carval’s Time and Attendance solution, integrating data with the company’s payroll bureau to provide an accurate and up to date record of working hours. The existing card access system used to record attendance will be replaced by a biometric system integrated with Carval software, using an individual’s thumb print as identification.  

Gareth Smith, from the HR team at Bostik UK Ltd said; “It used to take us three days just to work out our monthly headcount figure, now it takes just a few minutes. And we can respond to requests easily and quickly – HR Unity has had a huge impact on our productivity. With the time savings and efficiency benefits we expect a return on investment within three years - it’s a really positive system for us.”  

John Ovington, Sales and Support Director at Carval commented; “For companies like Bostik UK Ltd implementing integrated HR software can pay dividends in many ways. From giving employees the ability to manage and update their own records, to providing a single HR database that reduces the HR administration burden, eliminating manual paper work and giving more accurate records. It saves time all round and frees up the HR team’s time to concentrate on strategic HR to enhance employee wellbeing and productivity.”

 Download the full Bostik HR Software case study here >>

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