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Carval National User Conference: Trying a different hat – or which comes first Payroll or HR?

The dust is settling after the excitement of our National User Conference on 20-21 October.  Held for the second year at Whittlebury Hall, deep in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, we were pleased to welcome over 100 attendees. The early feedback is that you found it a useful and stimulating day, with plenty of information for both payroll and HR specialists.

Carval NUC 2015

One of the liveliest sessions was the update on payroll legislation by Samantha Mann from CIPP. She made what can be a dry subject very entertaining, and there is certainly a lot going on to keep abreast of. This was closely followed by a session from Jason Sweby about what users can expect in the next version of Carval's Uniwage payroll software – due in February 2016. Jason went into particular detail about how the new version will address recent changes in legislation.

Next up we had a taster of all the new goodies in HR Unity v5.6 which was officially launched on the day, with delegates able to take their copy of the new software with them. There are a myriad of new features and functions, including improvements to Expenses with automatic mileage calculation, enhanced Rostering, a new Performance Review module, and e-Recruitment.

Later delegates were able to see demonstrations of the new Rostering module and our Workflow module, including how easy it is to build a new workflow.  After lunch delegates had the choice of different workshop sessions on e-Recruitment, Timesheets and Rostering, and Appraisals/Performance Management.  Many delegates took advantage of one to one software demonstrations and software surgery sessions – in fact these were so popular that they were fully booked.

One session that was particularly interesting was the last one of the day entitled ‘Making your HR and Payroll as integrated as your Carval software’.  This was an interactive session that involved a certain amount of role play.  The group was split into four teams, with the aim of putting together a plan to implement a new integrated HR and Payroll software solution in a fictional company.  Each group member was assigned a role, different to the one that they held in real life, which ranged from Director, IT manager, HR director/manager, payroll manager, Finance Director and staff member. The group had to decide what the priorities were taking into account each character’s personal motivations and wish list.

It led to some interesting discussions along the lines of; Which is most important? The HR system so that you have all staff set up, before you start trying to change payroll. Or is payroll more important because you have definite deadlines, for example tax year end.  Or, for this particular example, is Time and Attendance more important because the system you have at the moment isn’t fit for purpose. A real chicken and egg situation, which depended a lot on each member’s particular role.

Interestingly each group came up with a different project plan, implementing solutions in a different order.  What everyone did agree on is that:

  • no department operates in isolation, everyone needs to listen to each other – ie. wear each other’s hat
  • it’s always more complicated than it first appears
  • there’s always more than one way to achieve your goals
  • having a system that is fully integrated does make a lot of things a lot easier

Handouts and presentations from the day will be made available to HR Unity users via the Carval CommUnity e-newsletter.

Carval NUC 2015

Carval NUC 2015

Carval NUC 2015

Carval NUC 2015

Carval NUC 2015

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