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Carval announces HR Unity v5.0 providing enhanced Mobile and Self-Service features

HR Software Show, 19 – 20 June,
Olympia, London

Stand Number: H155

Carval Computing, a specialist supplier of fully integrated Human Resources, Payroll and Time & Attendance (T&A) software, will be showcasing Carval HR Unity v5.0 at the HR Software Show.  This latest version is a major upgrade providing new automated features and users’ short cuts throughout the product range and includes support for iPhone/iPad, with an Android version to follow later in the summer. HR Unity takes a single platform approach to providing HR, Payroll and T&A, and is the only suite of products currently on the market that are truly integrated using the same employee database. 

iPhone/iPad App

The new iPhone/iPad app provides functionality for both users and staff, taking the most popular features of HR Unity Self-Service.  Employees are able to clock in and out using the app, and are able to check their personal details, see balances and request/book holidays. In addition, managers are able to see which staff are present and their locations, they can also check and approve timesheets and requests for holidays saving time and reducing paperwork.


HR Unity v5.0 includes many improvements to Payroll functionality including additional features for staff:

  • As well as having multiple bank accounts per person, staff may now opt to have different amounts paid into different accounts, based on set criteria.
  • Employees are now able to view the original values as well as outstanding balances for loans and payments, enabling them to pay back more quickly if they choose to do so.

Additional features for the Payroll user include:

  • Enhanced Payroll Dashboard which provides an up to the minute summary of current payrolls being processed, with details of when they were last modified and by whom.
  • Real time alerts from HMRC for updates and actions required (for example, changes to tax codes)
  • Complete Pay history (not just for the current tax period) is now easily accessible and can be viewed in one place, showing all salary changes over time.
  • Making Up allowances can now be automated, so that when a member of staff takes on extra duties for a set period of time, the payroll will automatically calculate the new rate, and then revert to the previous rate when that person returns to their original role.
  • New collaboration between Timesheets and T&A provides alerts to managers when timesheet entries do not match the actual hours worked.

Reporting and Workflow

On the reporting side, there is now a Quick Report facility which takes the most popular elements of the HR Unity Report Writer, providing an easy to use tool where users simply point and click to export data into an Excel spreadsheet format.

HR Unity features a custom built workflow engine which is designed specifically for HR users.  In HR Unity v5.0, enhanced workflow functionality now enables users to build new business processes even more quickly and easily.

John Ovington, Sales and Support Director at Carval Computing said; “At Carval we are committed to providing powerful, yet easy to use systems that automate as many mundane tasks as possible.  This enables our users to streamline HR and payroll operations and focus on more strategic work, offering support and value to the business.  With this latest version of HR Unity, we have rewritten many of the internal connections and links to the employee database which although invisible to the end user, provides a noticeable increase in performance.  This combined with the extension to the mobile capabilities with the new app will provide significant benefits to our customers.”

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