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Carval announces new Self Service module to streamline the user experience and increase productivity

Completely rewritten Carval Self Service is optimised for use with any browser capable device running Windows, Android, or iOS

Carval Computing, a specialist supplier of fully integrated Time & Attendance (T&A), Human Resources and Payroll software today announces the availability of its new Self Service module. The new module has been completely rewritten to take advantage of current technology, ensuring that the solution runs more efficiently and supports modern and flexible ways of working. Carval Self Service is now more configurable to match customers’ corporate branding and is closely integrated with Carval’s HR software database, ensuring consistency across the full T&A, Payroll and HR software solution.  

The new Self Service module, which now better supports mobile technology devices, has improved menu options for faster navigation and a one-page dashboard so that all important information (which is defined by the user) is easily accessible on one screen. Due to behind the scenes improvements in the use of technology, pages are now quicker to load, which is particularly useful for employees accessing the system from a tablet or smartphone when away from the office.

Other improvements aimed at the end user include a new single messaging service, which enables internal mail, email and SMS messages to be shared between the desktop system, tablet and smartphone devices and the online/browser based system.

John Ovington, Sales and Support Director at Carval Computing stated; “With the proliferation of consumer grade devices in the workplace, that have internet and browser based capabilities users expect the business software they access on their smartphones and tablets to be as efficient and easy to use as those used on their desktop browsers. For this reason our new Self Service module has been completely reworked to make it easy for users at every level. Whether they are employees looking to check their holiday balances, managers looking at department sickness absence, or the HR department managing the company-wide deployment of Self Service, the new solution includes many background modifications to ensure that it is optimised to run as efficiently and as easily as possible.” 

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