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Cottage Delight chooses Carval for Payroll Software and Time and Attendance

Speciality foods supplier improves efficiencies in managing staff working hours with new HR systems

Cottage Delight Payroll Software Case Study

Carval Computing has announced that Cottage Delight, provider of speciality foods to independent food retailers, has selected Carval’s HR Unity Payroll solution, Uniwage and Time and Attendance software, Unitend, to manage working hours and Payroll for over 200 staff. Cottage Delight provides over 700 speciality foods, either made by the company or sourced from artisan producers across the UK and Europe, to garden centres, farm shops, delicatessens, traditional grocers, selected department stores, as well as fine food festivals and markets. Since implementing Carval’s solution, Cottage Delight has seen significant time savings in Payroll, with the time taken to administer the weekly and monthly payroll reduced from five days to just 10 hours a month.

Carval’s solution replaced Cottage Delight’s existing HR and Payroll software, following a comprehensive review of competitive offerings carried out by a project team of departmental managers, Payroll and IT staff. 

Gary Bowcock, IT Manager at Cottage Delight said; “Our previous system was installed over ten years ago, was completely outdated and didn’t meet our needs today. We needed something completely different. Carval’s HR software does everything that we wanted. The look and feel is modern and it’s easy and intuitive to operate. Carval just came up on top.” 

Using Unitend all staff clock in using either facial or fingerprint recognition. Once working hours are totalled they are checked by the departmental manager before being signed off to be processed by Uniwage. As well as authorising overtime hours, managers also have greater visibility of attendance and lateness records – exceptions are flagged up, enabling them to take appropriate action when required. 

“Staff have welcomed the flexibility of the Carval Time and Attendance software – they are assured that working hours are recorded accurately and also the fact that they have the flexibility to choose which method they use to register their attendance,” added Gary.

John Ovington, Sales and Support Director at Carval said; “Companies like Cottage Delight that excel in their business field and expand rapidly often find that their existing HR IT systems can no longer support their operations effectively. Our integrated HR solutions provide the tools that managers and HR require to manage and administer complex working hours and Payroll transparently and accurately. Customer feedback is that having greater flexibility in recording attendance and visibility for managers is also more motivating for staff.”

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