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HMRC News: Incorrect Mergers

On 19 February HMRC began to correct an issue in their system which, where an employee has had two or more employments with the same employer, had resulted in some employments being merged in error.

Prior to their corrective action some accounts on HMRC’s Business Tax Dashboard will have been incorrect. They are currently updating affected employer records and the Business Tax Dashboard will show corrected figures shortly:

  • employers who have been paying the right amount of tax (based on their payroll), should see their accounts now balance on the Business Tax Dashboard.  Prior to the records being updated they will have been in a credit position.
  • dependant on individual circumstances, employers who have been paying the amount that the Dashboard said that they owed (rather than the amount based on their payroll), may end up in debt position when the record is updated.
  • Some employers may see no change at all.

If any employers will have difficulty paying any extra money owed, they should contact HMRC's Debt Management teams, who will try to work with them to resolve any issue

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