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HMRC News: Problems Relating to Duplicate Employments

HMRC have informed us that they have made some changes to their processes as there have been problems with employees having duplicate employments created.

The information you enter on your payroll feeds into the real time submissions you send to HMRC and then directly into HMRC's IT systems. If your payroll information does not match the data held by HMRC, it may result in them issuing the wrong tax codes to your employees and former employees. It may also result in erroneous charges.

HMRC have put together a guide that tells you how to avoid the most common problems, including:

  • What causes a duplicate employment?
  • What happens when HMRC discovers a duplicate employment
  • Hints and tips on avoiding the creation of duplicate employments
  • Other general hints and tips

You can view HMRC's guide here.

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