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How to make self-assessment easier for your payroll team and employees

The deadline of 31 January for self-assessment is looming and requests for replacement documents are putting pressure on payroll personnel. Discover how Carval can help make this process easier - for your payroll team and for your employees.

The deadline for Self Assessment

  • Online tax returns must reach HMRC by midnight on 31 January.
  • This affects all employees that receive benefits in kind such as company cars and private medical insurance and who have earned at least £8,500 in the year, including the value of the benefits.
  • The penalties for missing this deadline are steep and the longer they delay, the more they’ll have to pay. If a Partnership tax return is late, each partner will have to pay the penalties.

How this impacts the payroll team

The information that employees receiving benefits in kind require, to complete the self-assessment process, is contained in two key forms: their P11D and their P60.

Your payroll team will have given them these pieces of paper back in April and May last year. Every year requests for replacement documents put additional pressure on payroll personnel at a time when they are already busy with day-to-day responsibilities and Year End preparations.

While Carval Uniwage includes straightforward facilities for printing one-off documents for individual employees it still takes time and duplicates previous effort.

How to provide easy access to P11Ds and P60s

  • Where Carval’s Unity Online Employee Self-Service is used with our integrated payroll system or payroll bureau service, current and historic payslips, P60s and P11Ds can be made available online for employees to access as and when they need them.
  • Carval Uniwage payroll software includes standard facilities for distributing payslips, P60s and P11Ds via email. All or selected employees can receive secure password-protected PDF documents to file and print as needed; be this for self-assessment or perhaps applying for a new mortgage.

If you would like to find out more about Carval’s Self-Service module then please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to help.

How to simplify P11D production

A P11D (or P9 form for those on lower incomes) needs to show accurate information on every benefit in kind that an employee receives. This could include company cars, shared use of vans, living accommodation, relocation expenses and much more.

  • Carval’s Expenses and Benefits module is a great way of gathering all the information required by HMRC in one place. It then enables you to produce HMRC approved substitute P11D/P9D forms simply and easily.
  • This module is available as standard to Uniwage payroll software users, but is also available as an optional extra to our Unistaff HR software users.

If you’re not already using our Expenses and Benefits module and would like to find out more please contact your Account Manager who will be happy to help.

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