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New Carval HR Unity document management system

Carval has introduced an exciting new feature to enable you to manage documents directly from within HR Unity. 

The method in which documents are stored in our HR software system will be changed with the release of HR Unity v5.4 this spring. This will provide the following benefits:

  • Allows better integration of Document Links with Employee Self Service.
  • Additional security measures introduced on Document Links regarding who has access to the different types of documents.
  • Prevents issues with files being moved or deleted, and therefore no longer visible in HR Unity.
  • Prevents issues with users saving a local copy of a file and adding it as a Document Link, which is then unavailable to other users.

Users of Carval HR Unity can find out more about these changes and what they mean for them in the January edition of Carval CommUnity, our monthly e-newsletter.

To find out more about Carval's HR Software please download a free information pack.

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