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New faces at Carval

Tracey Lattimore - Payroll Bureau

Tracey Lattimore Carval

Tracey's role is split between working in the Payroll Bureau supporting the payroll team and as a Time and Attendance consultant. She has over 25 years of payroll experience and joins Carval from Mercedes-Benz. Prior to this she worked for Polestar for 18 years at both their MK and Watford sites, where she was a Carval system user. Tracey confesses to loving the cinema and American rubbish on TV, football (but won’t mention her team just in case…) and keeping in touch with family and friends.  She also enjoys volunteering for (or being roped into) various tasks for her social club.

Tom Duke - Software Support

Tom Duke Carval

Tom joined Carval's Software Support team earlier this year. Previously he headed a software support team for a company that built and designed ERP, CRM and Accounts software, as well as assisting with the implementation of the software on client sites. Tom is a qualified personal trainer, enjoys playing football and now summer's coming will be out on his road bike too. He also likes playing xBox and has an interest in entrepreneurship and business development.

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