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Our favourite new payroll features in HR Unity v5.7

Carval HR Unity v5.7 is due for release at the end of this month. This is a mandatory upgrade for all Uniwage payroll users but also includes a host of new features for our HR users too. Below Steff Cowell and Michelle Ginnelly from the Carval team highlight their favourite new features in this release:

New Payment Report

Michelle Ginnelly, Payroll Bureau Manager: There’s a really useful new report in version 5.7 that compares the monthly HMRC payments Due to those actually Made. The report can be found in Report Explorer/HMRC/HMRC Payments Report. You can use the report to compare the Total HMRC payment Due to the Amount actually Paid and highlight any anomalies. Anomolies can occur where you’ve had to make manual adjustments to an employees YTD figures, for example where you’ve had an overpaid leaver and they’ve returned the money and you need to update their YTD figures. You should run this report every month or at least on a quarterly basis.

Payment input report

For this to work you must complete the Payments/Funding Inputs section of the software. You can find this screen in Uniwage under the Input Programs menu. You should complete this every month when you’ve made your payment to HMRC.

Payment input screen

New Effective FTE Salary Field

Steff Cowell, Support Manager: I think the new Effective FTE Salary field on the Contractual Screen is a great new addition. The FTE is calculated automatically comparing the employee hours to the post hours.

Employee contractual screen

The calculation is explained using the "i" button click for information

FTE calculation

When changing an employee’s Basic Hours – Carval uses the contract terms set up to calculate the new Annual Salary.

FTE change

The System then updates you with the next process required to apply this salary change in Uniwage.

Annual salary updated

The employees actual annual salary is displayed on the Contractual Screen, along with the full time salary. 

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