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Staffordshire Housing Group extends use of Carval HR Unity to include Payroll, Time and Attendance and Self-Service

Housing Group supports flexible and mobile working with Mobile HR App

Staffordshire Housing

Carval Computing is to provide HR Unity, its fully integrated suite of HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance and Self-Service software, to Staffordshire Housing Group. An existing user of Unistaff, Carval’s HR software, the Housing Group is extending its investment with Carval significantly.  Staffordshire Housing is replacing its current payroll system with Carval’s Uniwage, and plans to roll out Self-Service via a Mobile App to its 300 staff, across eight sites.  In addition, the new integrated solution will enable easier management of the Group’s range of flexible working options for staff and auto enrolment. 

Helen Martin, People Manager (Projects) at Staffordshire Housing Group commented; “We have a complex payroll requirement, with many different types of employment contracts to manage, including staff with dual roles. Some of our staff work flexitime, with others on different types of flexible working, and we also have an extensive range of shift patterns.  The Carval solution is one of the few that can easily manage this level of complexity within one complete, fully integrated package.” 

HR Unity will provide time and cost efficiencies for the People Team at Staffordshire Housing, by enhancing processes and removing manual systems. The team will now have just one point of entry for all HR and payroll data, which will reduce the likelihood of rekeying errors and potential losses due to overpayments for salaries, absence, holidays and other payments. Staff will have access to their own personal information, via the Self-Service option, and will take responsibility for its accuracy, which is expected to enhance staff engagement. Through the Self-Service Mobile App and the Time and Attendance modules, Managers will have access to their team information, and will be able to see at a glance, who is working, when and where. 

Staffordshire Housing LogoHelen Martin added; “As existing users of the Carval HR software, we have seen at close hand that they are always evolving and improving the system with regular updates to meet customer needs and maintain competitive advantage. We are confident that extending our use of HR Unity will help the People Team at Staffordshire Housing to support the future development of the Group.” 

John Ovington, Sales and Support Director at Carval said; “At Carval we are dedicated to continual improvement of our products and services, above and beyond simply keeping pace with new legislation. We listen to our customers, and aim to provide a solution that streamlines as many processes as possible, enabling HR functions to focus on their area of expertise, supporting the business and the people that work within it.”

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