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The Tool Connection tools up for HR and payroll with Carval HR software


Globally acclaimed specialist tool manufacturer chooses Carval’s integrated HR systems for Time and Attendance, Payroll and Self-Service

Carval Computing has announced that The Tool Connection has selected Carval’s HR Unity to support staff working across its head office, manufacturing and warehouse locations. The company is using Carval’s integrated Time and Attendance, employee Self-Service, Payroll and HR software for managers and staff to log, request and manage holidays and absence. Since implementing the new systems in Spring 2016, the HR team claims more efficient capturing of staff working hours, with more accurate employee data going through to Payroll, and positive feedback from staff using the employee Self-Service feature. 

The Tool Connection’s HR team selected HR Unity for its ability to provide the Time and Attendance functionality, Payroll and Self-Service on one fully integrated platform, as well as the single, central HR database.  The comprehensive reporting functionality is used to produce Bradford Factor reports, enabling the HR team to alert managers of high levels of absenteeism and emerging patterns, helping to balance individual staff wellbeing issues with the business requirements.

Hannah Hopkinson, HR Manager at The Tool Connection said; “From our initial decision to bring Payroll in house, we decided to look for a company that could offer integrated HR and Payroll software. With one site based in Sheffield and one in Warwickshire, everything was managed differently. We wanted everyone using the same systems and to make it easier for HR and finance teams to do what they needed to do.”

Since moving to Carval’s HR software all staff clock in and out of work using the Time and Attendance system, either with fingerprint biometrics, the latest facial recognition software or a fob. All working hours are captured transparently and accurately, which in turn automatically populate the data used for the Payroll.

Hannah added; “The Time and Attendance system is vital for managing absence, zero hours contracts and cuts out the huge time consuming process of managing separate timekeeping sheets.

It saves the HR team at least a day a month - which for a small team is significant. The system is all singing and all dancing – we only have to put the data in once and it updates everywhere. It’s just brilliant.”

John Ovington, Sales and Support Director at Carval commented; “When companies operate across multiple sites it can be challenging to manage working hours and compensation. We have designed our integrated HR software to be exactly that – only one set of data is captured and utilised to ensure visible working hours and Payroll, with reduced errors. Plus employee Self-Service puts staff in the driving seat – they feel in more control of their data and holidays, while managers and the HR team are able to monitor employee wellbeing with accurate attendance and sickness data.”

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