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Unexpected staff shortages – what about the payroll?

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It's summer, staff are on holiday, and then you are struck by sickness, or other unexpected absence.  What do you do about the payroll?  Paying your staff, your most valuable asset, late simply isn’t an option.

Why not remove the risk altogether by opting for an outsourced service from Carval. We offer various services depending on your requirements from a simple, yet highly effective payroll bureau to a fully managed payroll service. You can pick and mix the elements that you need to ensure it is just right for you.

Standard Bureau Service

We take over your payroll, from calculation to processing, distribution of payslips and making the payments via BACS. You just supply the information using our simple templates and we do the rest.

Enhanced Bureau Service

This gives you the added benefit of having in-house access to the payroll software, while we still do all the processing, including RTI and payslip production.

Fully Managed Payroll Service

Completely outsource your payroll and we become your payroll department. As well as managing every aspect of payroll we also liaise with HRMC on your behalf, and handle any queries from your employees directly. 

Integrated HR Software

Fully integrated HR can be delivered with any of the options above. This can also give your staff self-service access to their payslips online.

Call Carval on 01908 787662 and we'll be happy to discuss the options.

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