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COMAC Capital LLP is based in London and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The firm was founded by Colm O’Shea in 2005 and comprises of an experienced team of investment professionals. COMAC invests across global markets with a focus on capturing directional market movements that commonly have a strong fundamental reasoning based upon economic and political analysis.

The Drive for Change

Having undergone considerable growth since the company’s inception in 2005 COMAC Capital LLP were starting to find their largely manual HR processes increasingly inefficient and identified a definite need for a HR system. The project team was keen to have a system that would drive workflow and enable them to devolve responsibility for key HR tasks to managers and employees via web-based self-service. Strong reporting was also key, particularly adequate graphical representation to aid in the analysis of statistical data. The selection process was driven by functionality rather than budget.

Choosing Carval

Following an evaluation of a number of solutions COMAPC Capital LLP selected Unistaff from the Carval HR Unity software range, with Unity Online Self Service. Unlike other systems investigated, in addition to managing core HR information Unistaff includes comprehensive recruitment, training and development, absence management and P11d modules as standard. This ensures total integration throughout the system and ensures strong reporting capabilities.

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