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Diverse Abilities Plus


Diverse Abilities Plus is an independent, not for profit organisation that works with families to help meet the needs of local people of all ages with physical and learning difficulties. The organisation provides a range of services for Children and Young People aged 2-19, including a dedicated specialist day school, with high level teaching and nursing support and a wide range of short term breaks - from fully equipped residential and/or domiciliary support to fun holiday and community activities. For adults Diverse Abilities Plus provides Individual Supported Living as tenants in homes fully equipped to address individual requirements as well as day activities with support and personal care.

The Drive for Change

Dorset-based charity, Diverse Abilities Plus (formerly Scope) has selected integrated HR Software and Payroll software from the Carval HR Unity range, along with web-based Employee Self-Service. The new HR System will support efficient human resource management across the charity's schools, day centres and supported living facilities.

Choosing Carval

The organisation selected Unistaff HR and Uniwage Payroll from Carval’s HR Unity Software range, along with Unity Online Manager and Employee Self Service. Unlike other systems investigated, in addition to managing core HR information Unistaff includes comprehensive recruitment, training and development, absence management and reporting modules as standard. This ensures total integration throughout the system and makes the software particularly cost-effective when compared like-for-like with other solutions.

The unique levels of integration offered by Carval’s solution, with all modules operating from a singe SQL database, will not only maximise efficiencies at Diverse Abilities Plus but offer powerful cross-function reporting capability to provide instant access to accurate analytical data.

In addition the flexibility offered by Carval HR Unity, together with a future-proof upgrade path, reassured the organisation that the solution would continue to meet the their requirements for years to come thereby protecting their investment.

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