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IDG UK is part of IDG the world's leading technology media, events, and research company. Their online network includes more than 450 websites spanning business technology, consumer technology, digital entertainment and video games worldwide. They also publish more than 300 magazines and newspapers in 85 countries. For more than four decades, they have been committed to informing and educating people about the technology marketplace. As a result, IDG's global network of websites, publications, events, and research services, has become the most trusted and respected source for advice and insight into technology news and trends around the world.

IDG UK publishes seven IT websites (CIO, Computerworld UK, Digital Arts, Macworld, MacVideo, PC Advisor, and Techworld) and five print magazines (CIO, Digital Arts, Macworld, iPod User, and PC Advisor), as well as running regular IT enterprise events each year. The company has just under 200 employees.

The Drive for Change

Manual, paper, and Excel based systems were unable to meet the demands of the business in delivering useful and accurate HR information. 

Choosing Carval

As an organisation selecting a computerised HR solution for the first time, IDG were very focused on the need for the chosen solution to offer benefits over the long term and not just in response to their immediate requirements. Carval’s integrated approach gave IDG confidence that as the demands on HR changed Carval's HR software would be able to offer the functionality to manage and cope with this change.

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