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Integrated Payroll and HR software - Just Retirement case study


The Just Retirement Group is one of the UK’s leading providers of retirement products and services. They have, since their launch in 2004, helped well over 100,000 people to realise some of the money that they will need to create a better retirement. As the largest provider of enhanced annuities and the second largest provider of equity release lifetime mortgages in the UK, the company has total sales over £1bn and assets under management of £2.8bn supported by a rapidly expanding workforce.

The Drive for Change

Just Retirement has experienced considerable growth since its launch in 2004 and with further expansion over the next 3 years anticipated the company’s existing separate HR and Payroll solutions were coming under pressure, simply no longer offering the functionality and flexibility required by the business.

The review of existing systems identified 3 main issues that required addressing: The first was that the existing HR software was no longer offering the level of functionality required by the business to effectively manage employee data and provide accurate and up to date management information.

The second was that there was due to be significant change in the payroll team meaning that the current solution and service used was no longer going to fit their requirements.

Finally the HR solution and Payroll system provided no integration meaning that data input was duplicated, information was prone to inaccuracy in both systems and reports that required elements of both HR and Payroll data were very cumbersome to produce.

Choosing Carval

The main focus for Just Retirement was to find a solution that offered the highest level of integration between the HR and Payroll solutions along with a sufficient level of functionality to enable the business to continue to grow and adapt over the next stage of its development.

The company selected Unistaff HR software and Uniwage Payroll from Carval’s HR Unity range, along with Unity Online Manager and Employee Self Service. The unique levels of integration offered by Carval’s solution, with all modules operating from a single SQL database, will not only maximise efficiencies at Just Retirement but offer powerful cross-function reporting capability to provide instant access to accurate analytical data.

In addition the flexibility offered by Carval HR Unity, together with a future-proof upgrade path, reassured the company that the solution would continue to meet the their requirements for years to come.

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