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MCL Group


MCL Group is a dynamic Japanese-owned group of companies with a current turnover of around £60 million. Operating from 9 locations within the UK with 500 full-time employees and an additional 500 temporary workers. Their core activities span warehousing, logistics and Automotive I.T. Services.

The Drive for Change

Following their HR and Payroll software supplier’s merger with another company MCL Group’s existing HR and Payroll application had become out of date and was in need of upgrading to the latest version. The project team felt the existing system was
expensive to run, offered limited opportunity for customisation and was lacking in employee self service functionality. Whilst upgrading would have potentially addressed some of these issues as the process would have been as encompassing as implementing a new application the company took the opportunity to review the alternative options available to them. 

In addition MCL Group required a Time and Attendance solution to manage employee working times across their 9 sites, including an internal agency employing 500 temporary workers. An access control solution to improve site security was also under consideration.

Choosing Carval

Carval’s HR Unity solution was able to offer MCL Group unique levels of integration across not only Human Resource administration and Payroll processing but also importantly Time and Attendance management too

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