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Venture Housing


Venture is a non-profit making social enterprise whose core activity is to provide housing to those in most need in Liverpool. Funding for Venture’s activities is provided through government grants, private borrowing and rental income from its properties.

The Drive for Change

Venture Housing Association used Sage for processing payroll in-house and had largely manual HR processes. A need for an HR system was identified and initially the organisation sought a solution that would integrate with their existing payroll product to avoid duplicated data entry.

Venture, like an increasing number of organisations, offer their employees the benefits of flexible working practices, so they were also seeking tools for effective monitoring and control of employee flexi-time. As a social enterprise with fewer than 100 employees value for money was important but so was functionality. 

Choosing Carval

Venture Housing initially approached Carval in their search for a Human Resource solution that would link to their existing Sage Payroll. However having seen the additional functionality available in Carval Uniwage, the project team at Venture eventually decided to implement Uniwage, Carval’s hugely flexible and easy-to-use HMRC-recognised payroll software, combined with Unistaff HR software to provide comprehensive HR administration.

Carval’s Unitend Time and Attendance module was also added for effective monitoring and control of employee flexi-time.  Unitend provides a variety of tools and data capture methods to help manage flexi-time and time-off-in-lieu, annualised hours, compressed hours, job shares, working from home and much more.

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